Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1st Annual WAPF Picnic and Fermentation Workshop

Sunday, July 31
Picnic and Fermentation Workshop
at Tom Shepherd's Farm

If you've ever been fascinated by fermentation, this is your chance to learn how to make tasty homemade fermented foods for health!

Learn how to make simple fermented foods at home - using the wide variety of ingredients grown right here in Santa Barbara.  This mini-workshop will be hosted by Tom Shepherd of Shepherd Farms and CSA in Carpinteria [6701 Casitas Pass Road, Carpinteria]

Demos to include:
Kombucha by the Kombucha Mamma of KombuchaKamp.com
Qephor by Organic Pastures Dairy
Coconut Kefir by Catherine Marks of yourbodyworkz.com
plus sourdough starters, cultured vegetables, beet kvass, and more...

Bring a picnic dinner, a blanket and the kids for a fun-filled day outdoors.  Learn about WAPF and meet others who love to eat real food!  A seasonal dessert will be provided.  Suggested $10 donation per family, $5 per person will cover the farm's costs.  All donors will be entered to win a kombucha starter kit [$50 value].

Friday, July 1, 2011

Farmageddon - What Do We Do Next?

Kristin Canty in Santa Barbara

Many in the audience were upset with our government due to the misuse of  taxpayer dollars, and our diminishing  rights to real food.  The movie portrayed policies that attacked  small farmers who employed  local, organic and sustainable practices.

We like to stay POSITIVE, and focus on what we CAN DO!   Read more below:

1. Over 200 people showed up to watch the pre-premiere of Farmageddon.  We ran out of chairs and it was standing room only.   This shows that a lot of people care about food freedom.

2. We raised over $700 for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and the Weston A. Price Foundation.  Please consider joining the Weston A. Price Foundation, and the Farms to Consumers Legal Defense Fund. This will allow us to build our membership and connect with local chapters across the country.  Click Here to Become a Member or Donate.

3.  We are working to gather signature for the LabelGMOs.org campaign to place an initiative on the ballot to require labeling of GMO's in California - Click here for more information.

4. Read the story of Selma Rubins to the Rescue at the Farmaggedon event and follow her example.

5. Come to one of our meetings, not only to educate yourself and have fun, but also to meet new friends and ensure that our children will have healthy and safe food sources to pass on to their children.   The next two events are:
The best we can hope for is to educate ourselves and then, as Dr. Price said before he died, 'You teach, you teach, you teach'.  Be sure to tell your friends and family about the grave perils facing our food supplies and the importance their involvement in the health of our collective future. Please urge them to attend future meetings. Together we will make a difference.