Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Raw Milk Presentation!

Over 75 people listened to an inspiring talk by Mark McAfee about why you should not drink pastuerized milk and how raw milk is strongly related to the local food movement.  

Check out these great articles about the meeting from Dina Clapinski of BeFoodSmart.com.

Also enclosed here is the presentation,  Be sure to tell your friends, neighbor and family about it.  Remember that the more people we teach, the more we can change their buying habits and support the local farmers and food movement.

BeFoodSmart.com Three Part Article about Raw Milk Meeting

When the local chapter of the WAPF announced their March topic, All About Raw Milk…Samples Will be Provided, I have to admit that I got a wee bit squeamish.

When Mark wanted his audience to understand the importance of good bacteria in the body, did he just tell us? No, instead he gave us the gift of fecal transplants.

Pasteurization was revolutionary because it allowed for a completely different way of raising cows. No longer did the dairy cows need to remain disease free [...]

If you want to find raw milk in Santa Barbara area, go to our raw milk page to find where to buy Claraville and Organic Pastures certified raw milk.  We also have some local raw goat milk producers and cow share projects in the work.  If you are interested in connecting with them or providing millk to folks, please contact us for more information at wapfsantabarbara@gmail.com

Here's another good article comparing the cows of two dairies and a view of Organic Pastures:  Will the Real California Happy Cows Please Stand Up?