Raw Milk

The simple answer is because REAL milk is RAW. 

Raw milk is unpasteurized, unprocessed, pure milk straight from the cow's udders - just like Grandma used to drink. It is rich in probiotics, active enzymes, vitamins, calcium and protein.

But is raw milk safe?

The State of California has the strictest standards in the world for licensed Certified Dairies for Raw Milk.  These Raw Milk Dairies are regularly inspected by the California Department of Food and Agriculture for milk quality, cleanliness and pathogens.    There has been no death from raw milk from licensed certified dairies for raw milk.  

You can check out these statistics from the federal government's Center of Disease Control (CDC) in which more people have been sickened and died from pasteurized milk than raw milk.

For small local farmers or cow and goat shares that are not certified, you can check to see if they are a member or use the safety standards developed at the Farm to Consumers Legal Defense Fund or Raw Milk Institute. 

Raw milk contains components that assist in killing pathogens (bad bugs) that are naturally found in the milk, preventing pathogen absorption across the intestinal wall, and strengthening the immune system.  When milk is pasteurized, many if not all of these beneficial components are lost.  For more information about the safety of raw milk, visit Raw USA.

Keep in mind that you can get sick from anything.   You'll be shocked if you check out the top 10 food most likely to make you sick or the Top 7 food borne illness from 1999-2006.

What are the benefits of raw milk?

Protection again infection, diarrhea, asthma, allergies, lactose-intolerance, rickets, tooth decay and TB.  Easier digestion due to the existence of beneficial bacteria, which assist in the body's ability to process and assimilate the many nutrients in milk.  Milk from cows not fed genetically modified grain or given antibiotics and hormones.  For more information about the nutrition of raw milk, visit Raw USA.

Where can I purchase raw milk? 

Claravale Dairy and Organic Pastures raw milk, cream, cheese and butter are available at the following Santa Barbara locations:

If you have additional raw milk resources or wish to purchase raw cow or goat milk from local farmers or buying clubs, please contact us at wapfsantabarara@gmail.com.

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