Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Minnesota Raid - Why we need to come together here in Santa Barbara

Another Minnesota Raid

"Yesterday morning, Wed. Mar. 9, 2011, probably shortly after 9A, Alvin Schlangen, a chicken and egg farmer, of Schlangen Family Farm in Freeport, MN, was intercepted by the St. Paul police and James R. Roetter of the MDA, Dairy and Food Inspection Division, at his first stop of the day, near the campus of Macalester, a private liberal arts college, in St. Paul, MN. Once he got out of his truck, described as a white Dodge van, he was not allowed to get back in. Nor was he allowed to hand over the eggs, his own product, to the students who had ordered them."

While it's legal to sell in California, many states go after the local farmers and forbid raw milk sales and cow shares.  A few days ago there was another raid in Minnesota on a chicken and egg farmer.  The Minnesota Department of Health hvae been very active in shutting down buying clubs, raw milk farmers, etc.   That's why we must work to connect with each other to support the local farmers and for our rights!

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