One of the primary responsibilities of the chapter is to provide everyone with local food resource and support the local farmer.   

Please ensure that not only you provide your family with this super 'nourishing food' and support our the local farmers who work hard to use sustainable environmental practices. but to teach others about these WAPF dietary principles.

If you know any other local egg vendors, please email wapfsantabarbara@gmail.comthe phone and web site address and location and whether they use biodynamic farming and what kind of feed thy use.

As for pricing, they are approximately as followed:

     $7-8 -Best quality eggs - organic, soy-free, pasture raised.

     $5-6  Organic, but can be caged and fed soy and such.
     $2-4  Cheap conventional eggs with GMO feed, caged and contains 
                   dangerous ratio of omega 6 - omega 3 fats (18:1)

You can also find more about eggs companies at Cornucopia Institute Organic Egg Scorecard

Please Read Disclaimer: We do not endorse specific business or services.  The businesses or services listed on this page claim to sell products or services Weston A. Price Foundation's guidelines and principles.  The information is provided as a resource only, and we encourage you to do your own research and get to know your farmer before purchasing any products.

DeyDey's Best Beef Ever
  Location: Buellton, CA
  Method: Salatin biodynamic farming method
  Feed: Soy-free organic feed
  Phone: 805-570-9000

Apricot Lane Farms
  Location: Moorpark, CA
  Method: Salatin biodynamic farming method
  Feed: Organic, Soy-Free
  Phone: 805-523-4444

Burroughs Family Farms Eggs
  Location: San Joaquin Valley, CA
  Method: Salatin biodynamic farming method
  Feed: No Feed is produced on farm
  Phone: 805-523-4444
  Cornucopia Institute Egg Scorecard: 5 out of 5
  Can be purchased at Lassen's Natural Foods and Vitamins

Dare 2 Dream Farms
  Location: Lompoc
  Method: ?
  Feed: Conventional
  Phone: 805-735-3233
  Can be purchased at IV Food CoopNew Frontiers Natural Marketplace

Organic Pastures
  Location: Fresno
  Method: Salatin biodynamic farming method
  Feed: Organic, (Do not know if Soy-Free)
  Phone: 805-729-6455
  Can be purchased at SLO Thursday Farmer's market.  Supply is limited now - check 
  website link above or call to find out where to get.

Abbie's Egg
  Location: Lompoc
  Method: Salatin biodynamic farming method
  Feed: Organic, soy-free
  Phone: ?
  Can be purchased at ?