Cod Liver Oil

Hi Everyone,

It is my pleasure to volunteer my time to help coordinate the cod liver oil group buy from Green Pastures.

The Chapter group buy involves collecting orders from everyone and buying in bulk to get larger discounts and save shipping cost.  The exact cost is unknown, but can be approximately 25% or more of what is listed.  The more the better and the exact cost will be factor in after shipping and the amount purchased.

Here are the instructions on how to get in the group buy:
  1. Email us to be placed on the Santa Barbara Chapter Cod Liver Oil group buy list.  
  2. We will email everyone on this list every 2-3 months when we're ready to do another order.
  3. Go to this link to figure the regular pricing, what is available and what you want.  Keep in mind that the current inventory does not have some of the items that were currently available.   For instance, X-Factor Vitamin Butter capsules do not exist. Also, Butter/CLO blend does not carry cinnamon and chocolate is very low in stock....  
  4. Email what you want and how many you want.
  5. We will call you within a week or so when the order comes in and arrange for pickup.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions anytime at my email below.  Also check out the following link for more information about Cod Liver Oil

Thank you

TJ Fortuna