Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smart Meter Presentation - Dec 6

Smart Meter Presentation with Q&A
Tuesday, December 6 at 7pm at Goleta Library

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Smart Meters are not necessarily related to food or nutrition, but they affect our rights to health and the freedom to choose what we want our bodies to be exposed to. Whether it is raw milk, food additives, GMOs, pesticides, radiation or fluoride, we deserve to be informed and have freedom of choice.
Please take a look at the attached flyer. You may have heard the term “Smart Meters;” devices being installed by utility companies all over the country. Concerns over privacy, security, and health regarding these Smart Meters have been growing and citizens can ask to be placed on a delay installation list with Edison and PG&E. Both the city and county of Santa Barbara are supporting a no-cost Smart Meter opt-out program.
If you are concerned, or if you need more time to do research to decide about Smart Meters, we urge you to call your utility company immediately and ask to be put on the delay/opt-out list. Smart Meters are already being installed in the unincorporated areas ofSanta Barbara County; in the city, installation is expected to begin in January.
The presentation will cover potential Smart Meter risks and include Q&A with the Consumers Power Alliance. The Consumers Power Alliance is a local grass-roots organization that has investigated Smart Meters and has a legal team that is working to secure citizens’ rights to opt out of Smart Meter installation.
Free and easy two-minute sign-up to be placed on the delay/opt-out list:
      Edison   1-800-810-2369
      PG&E   1-877-743-7378
The utility requires that the account holder calls - have your utility bill ready to provide the account number.
Feel free to forward this message to friends and family. There are still a lot of people who don't even know what a Smart Meter is.