Friday, February 18, 2011

All about Raw Milk - March 13th, 4pm

You can easily buy a gun.  You can easiy buy cigarettes.  But you cannot buy RAW MILK in many states.  What's up with that?

Instead of cleaning up the factory farms where cattle are raised indoors, injected with growth hormones and antibiotics, and fed grain and corn, big agriculture (with the help of the FDA) chooses to go after local raw milk farmers as they cannot compete with them.

The Raw Milk battle symbolizes the fight for our right to real food, specifically local, grass-fed and organic food grown by farmers who care about our health, the health of our food and the health of the environment.   The Weston A Price Foundation has worked diligently to provide solid research showing raw milk has man healthy immune building properties and that pastuerized and homogenized milk is dangerous to your health.

If this sounds intriguing, please join us for Organic Pastures Dairy founder Mark McAfee's talk on the benefits of Raw Milk.  Organic Patures Dairy products will be available for sample and sale. 

We're expecting a large crowd, so if you plan to attend, please RSVP to so we have enough seating and samples to go around.