Sunday, October 17, 2010

Following up on Sol Food and Earth Day Festival

Volunteers staffed the Weston A Price Foundation’s booth on Earth Day and SolFood Festival  to educate folks about the WAPF nutritional principles

The  response was so overwhelming at both events, we are working as quickly as possible to bring to fruition the new Santa Barbara area chapter.  There will be no charge for the Chapter meetings nor is there a requirement to be a member of the national foundation to come.

Here’s what you can do help kick start the monthly meetings starting in January.  It will only take a moment and will really help us create a meeting that meets YOUR needs.  Click on the following link and fill out the form

If you have any questions or interested in coming to a pre-meeting on Dec 5, contact us at

To your Health,

Eric Brody & Katie Falbo

Co-Chapter Leaders
Santa Barbara Weston A Price Foundation