Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nov 4 - Farmaggedon Movie with Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures

Friday, November 4, 2011

Corwin Pavilion, UC Santa Barbara (map)

Parking: $3/car for the evening

At 6:30pm Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Raw Milk Dairy will be giving a presentation about the benefits of raw milk.  David Ison, composer of the "Raw Milk Song" will perform his masterpiece live for the first time.  At 7:30, we will be showing the film, Farmageddon, followed by a Q&A with Mark McAfee and John de Bruin of Dey Dey's Best Beef Ever.
For those who missed his presentation back in March, Mark McAfee is a dynamic and fascinating speaker who provided lots of great information and  entertainment.  He will have a lot more new information to share especially in the light of the 2nd Rawesome raid and the CDFA attack on goat shares.
Open to public.  You do not need to RSVP for the event.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oct 11 - Nourishing Our Children Presentation

360 S. Hope Ave. Suite C 100 Santa Barbara, CA 93105,Santa BarbaraCA (map)
Time: 6:30pm

Confused about what to feed your kids...before birth or after?  Do you know the difference between the S.A.D. diet of GMO, transfats, omega 6, HFCS, hormones, antibiotics, dyes and preservatives or a Nutrient dense one of unaltered foods, healthy fats, omega 3's, natural sugar, pastured eggs, dairy and meats.  
What are the outcomes of kids on each of these diets?  See for yourself!  
Please join us for an eye opening evening as we share Dr. Weston A Price's research on nutrient dense foods that traditional cultures have been eating for centuries.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the delicious foods that nourish our children's growing minds and bodies.  If you want healthy, happy kids, don't feed them SAD(Standard American Diet) food!
The format will be a two hour film slideshow presentation called ‘Nourishing Our Children’ (Read more here) with an intermission, healthy snacks, and a short time for questions and recommended resources.  If this sounds appropriate for your mature teens, please bring them - otherwise we are unable to provide childcare. 
Everyone is welcome!  This event is for parents, caregivers, teachers, grandparents and just about everyone.   It is also a newcomers or introduction meeting and a great way to get to know folks and make new friends.
RSVP here or email us at  You do not have to RSVP, but it would help us ensure we have enough chairs and such.  

Methyl Iodide Permit Issued in SB County

One of the primary campaign of the Weston A. Price Foundation is 'non-toxic farming.  

Please read the upcoming use and danger of Methyl Iodide in Santa Barbara County and what you can do.

Methyl Iodide Permit Issued in SB County
Trish Damen-Stone/P2P subscriber & food safety advocate  

I got confirmation today that the SB County Ag Commissioner's office issued a permit to a farmer in North County (Guadalupe area) for application of toxic methyl iodide. There is really nothing stopping them from issuing permits elsewhere in the county. It will be another Ventura county and the fog over the city.

You may want to read about our own CA DPR expert scientist team testifying as to the dangers of methyl iodide and then having the DPR bureaucracy issuing the go ahead (see below links). I have contacted Salud Carbajal, 1st District County Supervisor, who is concerned about the pesticide issue in North County where farm workers and their families are being exposed.

Let your farm friends and others know about this and have them contact their assigned senators/reps/supervisors. They need to educate and voice their concern to their elected officials. Good luck from a senator standpoint. Looking at Strickland's website, his focus is bringing back the NFL to LA. Argh. The one link I found that had anything to do with humanistic causes was at the very bottom CA E3 (environment, economy and education). Low and behold, the link went no where. So, I hold very little hope for our representation from a senator standpoint.


South County - Assemblymember Das Williamsat: Although he is our assemblymember, the harm is taking place outside of his area. Proactively though, he should be contacted. I have given him the heads up. 
North County - (where the harm is taking place): Assemblymember K.H. "KATCHO"

County Supervisors:
Salud Carbajal (Carp, SummerlandMission Canyon and parts of SB)

See the following for Methyl Iodide Harm: